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Savings Bonds

As of January 1, 2012, savings bonds may only be purchased online through Treasury Direct. The U.S. Treasury regulates the interest rates on savings bonds. In addition to providing a low risk savings vehicle they are also a great gift idea!

Union National Bank can still redeem Savings Bonds, but not order them.

Here are a few tips for purchasing Savings Bonds online:

  • To purchase electronic gift bonds for relatives or friends, you need to open an account for yourself
  • You must have the recipient's social security number (and anyone else named as a co-owner or beneficiary) in order to purchase an eletronic gift bond
  • Paper bonds are no longer issued - only electronic bonds
  • Unless you specify a date, savings bonds are issued the next business day after you complete the purchase request
  • You cannot purchase bonds in an entity account (trust, estate, corporation, etc.)
  • You can only deliver gift savings bonds to the first named person's account
  • Electronic EE bonds are purchased at face value, not half price like paper ones
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