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Automated Services

Automatic Pay of Loans

Transferring funds to make a loan payment will save postage and prevent late fees. Your statement will provide the details of the transfer.

Automatic transfer to/from savings

Transfers are easy to arrange. We can transfer funds on a regular basis. Transfers on payday will ensure that you reach your savings goals.


Monthly automatic withdrawals for insurance, utility bills, loan payments, etc. are available. Contact the company for information and to sign an authorization agreement.

Telephone Banking

Telephone banking allows you to access your account information at anytime, from anywhere by calling toll free 1-800-499-1862.

  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Check account balances
  • Make inquiries about checks or deposits
  • Check loan balances
  • Make loan payments

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is offered by many employers, for your convenience. You will sign an authorization with your employer and provide them with your account number and our routing number (075902120).

  • No more standing in a line to cash your check
  • No need to carry large amounts of cash
  • You can verify the actual amount of your deposit with Telephone Banking and/or Online Banking
  • No more lost checks in the mail
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